AcubeSAT ECSS PUS Implementation
AcubeSAT ECSS Services

This repository contains the implementation of the ECSS-E-ST-70-41C standard, as used in the AcubeSAT mission.


Read Installation to see how to download, compile and install ecss-services.

Read Usage with Microcontroller to see how to integrate ecss-services with your satellite or embedded system.

How to read this documentation

This documentation contains the technical documentation for the implementation of the ECSS documentation. For a description of the requirements see version A and version C of the standard.

To get into the documentation you can read:

  1. A list of pages that contain generic information on the philosophy, design and usage of the services
  2. A list of modules that group interesting functionality with the relevant instructions
  3. A list of classes that contain the most interesting entities and objects in the code
  4. A list of namespaces that contain grouped utility functions or variables

A good starting point would be the Services module. You can browse through each ECSS Service based on the functionality you desire.